IInternational ational Telemanagement 

International Telemanagement Company has been providing business solutions and excellent customer service
since 1992. Call for a quote  or a consultation on your companies Telecommunication needs.


A Full Range of Voice, Video, and Data Products

As a member of the Sprint Partners Program, International Telemanagement Company is an  Authorized Sales Agent who has the opportunity to sell the entire portfolio of Sprint voice, video, and data products and services, including many  award winning Internet Solutions. . In addition , As a member of the Sprint Partners Program, you will have full access to the products and services your company or enterprise wants  . International Telemanagement can Bundle your own products and services with those of Sprint, and you gain the ability and resources to set up and serve your customers with  e-business solutions to promote your business  at competitive prices. 

Certification for International Telemanagement is  an authorization by Sprint to sell a particular Sprint product, service, or bundle. Through Sprint's Product Certification program International Telemanagement Co.  offers voice, video, and/or data (specifically Sprint Dedicated Internet Access [IP] and Frame Relay). 

To learn more about Sprint's complete portfolio of products and services   call   1-800-747-8293  or e mail to   sprint@cole1.com

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